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        Polyester Chiffon Fabric
        Polyester Satin Fabric
        Faille Frabric
        C OR R
        Polyester Pongee Fabric
        Polyster Taffeta Fabric
        Tc Fabrictc
        Np Fabric
        Nc Fabric
        Peach Skin
        Micro Suede
        Dobby Georgette
        Embroidered Fabric
        Brush Items
        4 Way Stretch Fabric
        Tr Fabric
        Memory Fabric
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      Wing Tat Wujiang Textile Trade Co., Ltd. Jiaxing Pinnacle Jet Weaving Co., Ltd. under the trade company. Since its inception, specializing in the development of chemical fiber fabrics and related trade. The company is specialized in all kinds of Jingbo satin, satin linen, chiffon, stretch chiffon, thousands of hi hemp, stretch satin, Nick bar, microfiber, suede, peach skin, diamond lattice, lattice, m through the grid, pongee series, Twill, five satin and other fabric, finished fabric, the company with strong product development capabilities much respected market, the development of chemical fiber cloth in the market, unique style, creative, leading trend has been the support of new and old customers. Many products have become the first choice of many well-known clothing manufacturers fabric. Cloth known as the most promising lines.

      The company has a fiber cloth proficient marketing professionals. The spirit of excellence, critical spirit to service our customers.

      Company adhere to the "quality, reputation as the first purpose" and welcomes the cooperation and support our friends! What we seek is a long-term, stable, mutually beneficial relationship, hoping to get everyone's mutual support and common prosperity!

      Trade Company: Wing Tat Textile Co., Ltd. Wujiang City
      Trade Address: Shengze East market foreign trade business district No. 7, West Building
      Trade Tel: +86-512-63561882
      Trade Fax: +86-512-63560016
      Trade Code: 215228
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      Factory Add:Xiuzhou Longquan enriching Wangjiangjing repression Development  Tel:+86-573-83745982  Fax:+86-573-83745328  E-mail:rx@rxpz.com¡¡
      Trade Add:Shengze East market foreign trade business district No. 7, West Building  Tel:+86-512-63561882  Fax:+86-512-63560016  E-mail:ybr@rxpz.com
      International Trade ADD:26th,Floor fortune center,jinkeqiao road,keqiao,shaoxing Tel£º+86-575-81182365//7/8  Fax£º+86-575-84132022  E-mail:ybr@rxpz.com
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